I'm Jade, a guy from Sydney Australia who recently fell into the industry of new car sales. It's long hours, and mentally draining, but I love having the opportunity to meet amazing new people every day. Offering my knowledge to help and guide them in the second largest purchase in most people's lives (after their home).

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Ken Sutcliffe BT50
Ken Sutcliffe of Channel 9 picking up his new BT-50

For 13 years I was an electrician, working hard but never really enjoying my career. So in my final years, I started

teaching myself digital marketing. In 2013 I started my own digital marketing agency providing services such as web and mobile design, and social media marketing.

By 2015 I was ready to move into a more sales based role and was lucky enough to land a position at John Newell Mazda in Alexandria. This was the perfect opportunity for two reasons. 1, I am able to sell an amazing product at one of the best dealerships around. 2, I have been a lifelong fan of Mazda starting with the RX-7 and can feel completely confident in the product I am selling.

So what do I know about cars? I'll be honest, I ain't no mechanic. Altho my father is and has been his entire life, and having 2 older brothers I don't think there was ever a day growing up where there wasn't a car being stripped and rebuilt in the backyard.

While I can't teach you how to service your own car, I am extremely technically minded, and excel in the area of features and how everything works. So let me teach you how to use the car and we can leave the rest to the mechanics.


Jade Taylor Mazda

With this blog, I would like to provide the highest quality information from a Mazda expert (me) but still keep it transparent and honest.

To do so I have decided to not post any product selling within the blog and will not be conducting any competitor comparison reviews myself. Altho I will be sharing articles I come across from other independent review sites.

My Mazda blog will be purely community, information, and tutorials on Mazda products and features, designed to help both current customers with their car and potential new customers in making their decision.

All I ask is if this website helps you in any way, please share it with your friends and family and come down to John Newell Mazda in Alexandria for a coffee and a test drive.


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