Mazda Push-button Engine Start

June 29, 2015

When it comes to car technologies, I can't help but think of Back To The Future. Unfortunately, we're not quite there, but so far 2015 has offered some pretty cool features. And the keyless engine start is definitely one of them.

In the recent years, automotive technology has become more sophisticated than ever. With features such as keyless entry and engine start, and touch screen displays as a standard in most cars.

While everyone contributes to the development and growth, Mazda is a clear industry leader with some of the most reliable and user friendly systems around.

This article will cover exactly how to use Mazda's new push-button engine start to give a better understanding for those interested in newer model Mazda.

How-to use Mazda Push-button Engine Start

For the car to start, first the proximity key MUST be located within the boundaries of the cars body frame / pillars. For example, if you have the key sitting in the armrest or pocket of the door and the door is open, the car will not start.

Next apply pressure to the brake in an automatic or push the clutch all the way in if driving a manual car. This will de-activate the cars immobiliser and allow you to to start the engine. When the light on the button is illuminated green the car is ready to be started.

Mazda Keyless Push-button Engine Start

Now simply press the button once (no need to hold it) and the car will start. Once the car is started you can release your foot from the brake or clutch, just don't leave it in gear...

Simple as that! And once you are used to it you will realise how much quicker and easier it is then fiddling around with keys.

Jade! what if I want to listen to the radio while I'm waiting for someone but don't want to have the car running? Not a problem.

To operate just the infotainment system on its own. Once again make sure the proximity key is inside the car, but this time make sure you are NOT applying pressure to the brake or clutch. Now pressing the ignition button once will activate the infotainment system and the button will illuminate orange.

Pressing the button a second time will turn on your dash accessories, and pressing it a third time will turn everything off again.

Mazda Push-button Dash Accessories

You can start the car at any point in this process by simply applying pressure to the brake or clutch and pressing the button.

Altho a great feature on its own. Combining keyless engine start with features like advanced keyless entry and walk away lock, offered in higher range models, presents a much easier and secure way of life. Without ever needing to take your key out of your pocket or bag and knowing your car is always secure.


  • No more searching for keys.
  • No more annoying keys hanging from the ignition.
  • No more wear and tear on keys and ignition barrels, causing eventual failure.
  • Faster and smoother engine start.

Current Model Cars Offering Mazda Push-button Engine Start:

Jade Taylor

Jade Taylor

Mazda specialist and past sales consultant. Owner, enthusiast, and lover of all things Mazda and tech.
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