Mazda6 Groundbreaking Technology Review

January 21, 2016

Mazda6, It’s Driving Re-energised

A new phenomenon has arrived to re-energise the automotive world. It’s the most technologically advanced Mazda ever, the all-new Mazda6.

This is driving reenergized. All-new Mazda6 introduces a regenerative braking system that pushes Mazdas SKYACTIV technology into exciting new territory.

In a world first Mazda has developed by i-ELOOP, a revolutionary capacity based system that stores the wasted brake energy of the all-new Mazda6 and redistributes this energy reserve to help run the car’s electrical instruments.

Things like climate control, audio systems and interior lighting, saving fuel in the process.

It’s smart, futuristic thinking just what you’d expect from the team that brought you SKYACTIV technology and Kodo, soul of motion design language.

Exciting SKYACTIV technology delivers better, more efficient performance while reducing weight and adding strength and improving safety.

Kodo design philosophies deliver a stunning new car that embodies the spirit of an animal ready to pounce on its prey.

All-new Mazda6 takes the joy of driving to new heights. Expect exhilarating handling and performance courtesy of new petrol and diesel engines that deliver increases in both power and torque and all this with less fuel.



Kodo Design

Mazda6 i-ELOOP
Mazda6 Kodo Design

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But how? compared to other cars, all-new Mazda6 is an energy conservation machine. Other cars use fuel not only to power the vehicle but also its all alternator, the part that generates electricity to run the electrical components in the car.

This all comes at a cost, up to 10 percent of fuel is dedicated to the alternator. The new i-ELOOP system changes all that by adding a capacitor that catches all outgoing energy that a regular car wastes during braking.

This recovered energy is cleverly stored as electricity in a revolutionary capacity system, and is on hand to drive the electrics in the all-new Mazda6.

It’s about keeping as much energy within the loop which is why it’s called i-ELOOP and it’s also how all-new Mazda6 can save up to 10 percent more fuel.

This is just the start of the all-new Mazda 6 story.

I-stop, Mazdas idle stop technology, introduced with Mazda3 SP20 SKYACTIV, and CX-5 is also found in the all-new mazda6.

I-stop cuts the engine automatically whenever the vehicle comes to a stop reducing emissions and saving even more fuel.

Then there’s the sleek lines of the all-new mazda6, which don’t just look sophisticated but reflect a commitment to aerodynamic performance that reduces fuel consumption even further by lowering wind resistance.

It’s all part of the SKYACTIV technology that lives in breathes in this brilliant new Mazda.

The new chassis, the new engine, new gearbox and the exciting new safety technology all combine to provide the all-new Mazda6 with that timeless, unforgettable zoom zoom feeling.

Fuel Efficiency


Aerodynamic Performance

Mazda 6 Fuel Saving
Mazda 6 i-Stop
Mazda 6 Aerodynamics
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