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Mazda Petrol Engines With SKYACTIV Technology

Over 95 percent in the world uses petrol and diesel combustion engines now and even by 2020, ninety percent still will be, that leaves only ten percent using alternatives.

Car’s that run on electric, hydrogen and biofuels have potential, and we’re working on alternatives to. But the solutions most car makers have come up with so far, either offer up the driving exhilaration of a couple of squirrels on a treadmill, or are so expensive they’re just not realistic for most people.

To really affect global fuel consumption and emissions right now, you have to use something the globe actually uses right now.

Rethink the combustion engine, make it better and accessible to everyone, and you make a difference, a big difference.

How big? Consider that current combustion engines waste about 70 percent of the fuel’s potential energy. That’s a lot of room for improvement.

Our overall goal was to get 15 percent better fuel economy and a 15 percent improvement in low midrange talk from the same engine, all on regular fuel.

Two enormous guerrillas stood in our way. The First was figuring out how to capture more energy from the fuel.

To achieve this, we knew we had to raise the compression ratio which gives this a bigger power stroke in the combustion chamber.

The higher the compression ratio, the more energy you get from the combustion. But a high compression ratio usually ends up causing knock, which is when the air/fuel mixture ignites too soon, because it’s too hot inside the Chamber, so we had to cool things off.

Using some huge engineering muscle we came up with innovative solutions to do just that. Like a high-pressure 6 hold direct fuel injector, that fires petrol into the cylinder in stages for more stable air/fuel mixture, and a little volcano like pocket in the piston that gives the early part of the explosion a place to go without heating up the top of the piston.

To get all the hot exhaust out without shooting into the other cylinders which only heats things up again, we added a longer exhaust manifold used in racecars called a header.

Everyday cars don’t use headers because of the emission problems they create, but our advanced direct injection system solved that issue too.

That’s how we got more energy from the fuel.

The second gorilla was making sure we weren’t losing any of those improvements on the way to the wheels. So we reduced friction inside the engine by a whopping thirty percent. How? by sweating every little detail.

We improved oil pump efficiency by 74 percent and water pump efficiency by 31 percent, reduced friction from the moving parts like the pistons, rods and crank shaft by 25 percent.

Reduced valve train friction by 54 percent, and even reduce the effort the engine exerts to suck in fresh air by 13 percent.

When it was all over, we had done what couldn’t be done, achieving more talk better, performance and higher efficiency.

Mazda Diesel Engines With SKYACTIV Technology

Congratulations Rudolf Diesel, the engine you invented in 1893 has come a long way. No longer sootie clattering workhorses, today’s diesel engines are quiet, durable and cleaner than ever.

They’re also around 30 percent more fuel-efficient than comparable petrol engines, yet deliver much more talk and power.

With these improvements came compromises. To run their high combustion pressures, conventional diesels need heavy, industrial strength parts that sap driving performance. And cleaning up their nitrogen oxide emissions often requires costly aftertreatment systems.

So we saw a big opportunity to create more torque, better fuel economy, less weight and lower emissions.

First we dropped the compression ratio to the lowest in the world for a diesel, 14:1 this delays combustion by just half a millisecond, which is enough time for the air and fuel to mix more thoroughly, reducing hot spots of oxygen and fuel that would otherwise turn into pollutants.

Bingo, our combustion is so clean that we meet the toughest emission standards without an expensive nitrogen oxide aftertreatment system.

And while low compression would normally mean a loss in efficiency, we actually improved it, because our clean slate approach allows us to optimize the combustion timing which gives us a longer effected expansion stroke.

Another challenge with low compression diesels is getting ignition going when the engine is not warmed up, so we use ultra-high pressure piezo fuel injectors that are so fast and powerful they create a rich air fuel mixture that’s easier to ignite. Then, a patented variable valve lift system recycles hot exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber to quickly warm the engine up.

Best of all, our engines low compression ratio doesn’t require the usual heavy industrial grade parts. As a result the engines weight was slashed by 10 percent.

By using a lighter crank and pistons, and an aluminium block rather than cast iron. This allows us to build lighter, more balanced vehicles with much better handling.

Mechanical friction was also decreased, resulting in lower fuel consumption and an exceptionally high red line of 5200 rpm.

When we were done we, had created a beast with much more torque at low and high speeds, yet twenty percent lower fuel consumption than its predecessor.

The SKYACTIV-D 2.2 liter twin-turbo diesel, delivers the driving performance of a 4 litre V8, the cleanliness of the latest clean petrol engines, and the fuel economy a hybrid.

With such dramatic improvements, Mr Diesel himself might not recognize it, but no doubt, he’d love to drive it.

IMPORTANT UPDATE! Due to there being several updates by Mazda regarding how to update your sat nav. We will be completely rewriting and updating this article in the coming weeks to reflect Mazda’s current systems and provide a more detailed explanation of both current and older models. Please bookmark this page and check back soon, or join our email list to stay informed.

Always On Track With MZD Connect

Mazda’s new MZD Connect satellite navigation system is industry leading, boasting highest quality and accuracy while easier to use than ever before.

3 years of free map updates are provided by Mazda, providing you with the most accurate and enjoyable driving experience.

Map updates are released twice a year, once in the months between March to May and September to November.

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How To Update Your Mazda Maps

This will show you how to update the maps of the MZD connect system.

To complete this update you will need, the SD card from your Mazda, a computer, and an SDHC compatible card reader.

In your vehicle, remove the SD card that stores the map files. Go to, select owners in the top menu, scroll down and select MZD connect.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select navigation, select update my maps. Download the Mazda toolbox application, and install.

Open Mazda toolbox, insert the SD card into the SDHC card reader.

Register your details in your Mazda toolbox. Once successful, you’ll receive an email to confirm your registration.

Returned back to your Mazda toolbox and click on available updates, then select Install. Enter a name to backup your data. Mazda toolbox will then download and update the maps on the SD card.

When your SD card has been successfully updated, please insert your SD card back into your vehicle to enjoy Mazda’s latest map updates.

The genuine Mazda audio retractable lightning cable, allows you to play music from your iPhone or iPod, through your Mazdas audio system.

The cable streams track data, so you can easily see track and artist information on your MZD connect screen.

You can safely store your device in the centre console, and use the car’s controls to navigate through your music library.

This makes it easy to select specific playlists, artists, albums or songs while driving.

The cable automatically charges your device when the car is running.

A similar cable is also available with a micro USB for Android Phones. The retractable design of the cable keeps it neat and tangle-free, covered by Mazda warranty.

Why do I need a Mazda audio retractable lightning charger?

Mazdas USB audio cable is a must for music enthusiasts as cable connection offers higher quality audio than Bluetooth streaming.

Mazda Audio Retractable Lightning Charger - Genuine Accessory

How To Use Mazda Satellite Navigation

MZD connect features the latest Mazda satellite navigation. To set a destination simply select navigation on the screen or press the NAV button on the commander. Select new destination from the menu at the bottom of the screen, then, find address.

Enter the town, suburb or postcode then street name and number. If you’d like to navigate to the town center without selecting a street name and number, select the town centre option. You can also navigate to businesses and services nearby.

To do this, select new destination, then find places and enter the business name or browse through the categories and then select a destination.

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Saving Favourite Destinations

To save a destination as a favourite, first select new destination and enter the address by selecting find address, and then enter the address. Use the touchscreen or rotate the commander dial to scroll down to add to favourites.

To save the address of one of your phone contacts as a favourite, first you need to pair your phone via bluetooth then select new destination, favourites, add navigation favourites, add from contact, select the contact you’d like to use then confirm the address and select save as favourite.

Navigate Using Phone Contacts

To navigate to the address of one of your phone contacts first, select communication, then select contacts. Scroll to the contact and select their address.

Note that your contacts address will need to be saved into your phone for that option to be available, but for more information on using your phone, navigation and the MZD connect system see your owner’s manual.

Current Model Cars Offering Mazda’s NEW satellite navigation:

Mazda’s All-New MX-5 Is Here

August has sent roadster enthusiasts into an emotional breakdown with the release of Mazda’s fourth-generation, all-new MX-5. With it’s ground-breaking design winning fans over worldwide.

If you have ever dreamt of driving with the roof off and the wind in your hair, There’s never been a better time to make that a reality.

Priced for fun, Mazda’s newest edition to the roadster revolution is the best-value MX-5 ever! In comparison to the 1989 first generation model and considering inflation, and extensive range of modern features and technology. This car is designed to reach new interest of the younger generations.

In 1989, Mazda approached the roadster with intentions to create a timeless, open-top ride that connected the driver with the experience. More than 25 years later and they are still holding strong to their philosophy.

MX-5 Award Winning Kodo Design

Mazda’s signature Kodo design philosophy shines through with gen-4. With every element carefully crafted to make the driver feel at one with the car.

When Mazda updated the MX-5 to meet their current line of Kodo designed products, they nailed it. Offering what I think is the best looking roadster of all time.

Every inch is perfectly crafted to offer a sleek new look, with a flawless fit and finish.

Introducing a touch of exterior to the cabin and continuing to the trim looks sleek and makes you feel at one with the car.

Mazdas perfection was made public at the 2015 Red Dot design award, when the fourth-generation iconic roadster won the ‘Red Dot: Best of the Best’ award, the contests highest distinction.

Mazda MX-5 Kodo Design

Mazda Features and Tech extend To The All-New MX-5

If you know Mazda, you know their technology has reached a whole new level in the past years. Offering the best and most user friendly gadgets around.

These features carry into the new MX-5 making it the most technically advanced roadster available.

The GT edition features the full MZD Connect system which offers more interactive phone connectivity with hands free, making your contacts and other data available to view. Radio and phone audio streaming is quick and easy to control with options of using the touch screen, multi-function control centre, steering mounted controls or voice commands.

Advanced system settings and driving data are only a touch away. While Mazda offer one of the best satellite navigation systems on the market.

With audio quality an obvious obstacle in convertibles, Mazda have mastered it again. Offering a crisp 6 speaker sound system in the Roadster, but taking things to a whole new level in the GT. Now both music and handsfree are crystal clear with a 9 speaker premium Bose sound system including headrest mounted speakers for perfect audio, even with the roof down.

The new MX-5 offers a wide range of modern features such as LED lamps across all models, power mirrors, cruise control, bluetooth hands-free phone and audio, advanced keyless push-button engine start. Also including your expected SRS airbags, emergency stop signaling, hill launch assist, tyre pressure monitoring system and limited slip differential (MT only).

Stepping up to the luxurious GT offers additional auto on/off headlamps, rain-sensing wipers, leather seats (black or tan), seat heating function, auto-dimming rear view mirror, climate control, MZD connect, advanced keyless entry.

And before you go getting confused how to pop the boot. There is a little push button at the rear of the car, under the lip just above the number plate.

Under The Hood – Meet SKYACTIV Technology

While the MX-5 is reputable for its perfection in handling and sporty ride, it has never been the fastest car on the track. Gen-4 brings the introduction of Mazda’s award winning SKYACTIV technology to the racetrack, changing the future of racing.

The roadster currently comes in the version of a 1.5 litre inline 4 cylinder 16 valve DOHC S-VT petrol (SKYACTIV-G) engine, with plans for a 2.0 litre release late 2015.

After a weight reduction of up to 100kg and some advanced engineering, Mazdas MX-5 offers a zippy 96 kw of power @ 7,000 rpm with a max torque of 150 Nm @ 4,800 rpm. This sporty edge has an expected fuel consumption (combined) of only 6.1 L/100km (manual) or 6.4 L/ 100km (auto) as recommended. And comes in 6-speed manual (SKYACTIV-MT) or 6-speed auto.

Late 2015 will see the release of the 2.0 litre inline 4 cylinder 16 valve DOHC S-VT petrol (SKYACTIV-G) engine, producing a massive 118 kw @ 6,000 rpm and a max torque of 200 Nm @ 4,600 rpm.

Final Words

Over all the All-New Mazda MX-5 is a fantastic little sports car offering award winning performance, economy and possibly the best visual design to date. The new roadster will definitely meet the level of the younger generations and I’m looking for too seeing more of these zipping around the streets.

When it comes to car technologies, I can't help but think of Back To The Future. Unfortunately, we're not quite there, but so far 2015 has offered some pretty cool features. And the keyless engine start is definitely one of them.

In the recent years, automotive technology has become more sophisticated than ever. With features such as keyless entry and engine start, and touch screen displays as a standard in most cars.

While everyone contributes to the development and growth, Mazda is a clear industry leader with some of the most reliable and user friendly systems around.

This article will cover exactly how to use Mazda's new push-button engine start to give a better understanding for those interested in newer model Mazda.

How-to use Mazda Push-button Engine Start

For the car to start, first the proximity key MUST be located within the boundaries of the cars body frame / pillars. For example, if you have the key sitting in the armrest or pocket of the door and the door is open, the car will not start.

Next apply pressure to the brake in an automatic or push the clutch all the way in if driving a manual car. This will de-activate the cars immobiliser and allow you to to start the engine. When the light on the button is illuminated green the car is ready to be started.

Mazda Keyless Push-button Engine Start

Now simply press the button once (no need to hold it) and the car will start. Once the car is started you can release your foot from the brake or clutch, just don't leave it in gear...

Simple as that! And once you are used to it you will realise how much quicker and easier it is then fiddling around with keys.

Jade! what if I want to listen to the radio while I'm waiting for someone but don't want to have the car running? Not a problem.

To operate just the infotainment system on its own. Once again make sure the proximity key is inside the car, but this time make sure you are NOT applying pressure to the brake or clutch. Now pressing the ignition button once will activate the infotainment system and the button will illuminate orange.

Pressing the button a second time will turn on your dash accessories, and pressing it a third time will turn everything off again.

Mazda Push-button Dash Accessories

You can start the car at any point in this process by simply applying pressure to the brake or clutch and pressing the button.

Altho a great feature on its own. Combining keyless engine start with features like advanced keyless entry and walk away lock, offered in higher range models, presents a much easier and secure way of life. Without ever needing to take your key out of your pocket or bag and knowing your car is always secure.


  • No more searching for keys.
  • No more annoying keys hanging from the ignition.
  • No more wear and tear on keys and ignition barrels, causing eventual failure.
  • Faster and smoother engine start.

Current Model Cars Offering Mazda Push-button Engine Start:

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